The team thanks librarians at the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library and the Graham Library, including David Fernandez, Christopher Hogendoorn, Natalya Rattan, Liz Rodolfo, John Shoesmith, and Lauren Williams, for their kindness and enthusiasm throughout this project. We also thank staff at the Lewis Walpole Library for allowing us to use images from their excellent digital holdings.

To our interviewees: thank you for your candour, your intelligence, and for making time to participate in our website. To Candace Cunard, Kyung Hwa Eun, Catherine Fleming, Professor Susan Glover, Professor Sylvia Hunt, Dr. Katja Lindskog, Professor Eric Miller, Professor Hélène Palma, Professor Betty Schellenberg, and Professor Eugenia Zuroski: thank you!

Finally, we thank Professor Carol Percy, who encouraged this project at its most incipient stage and provided valuable advice throughout its formation.